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 Are you hungry for website hits? Use hungry for hits!

Are you hungry for website hits? Use hungry for hits!

 Are you hungry for website hits? Use hungry for hits!

Hungry For Hits is a Traffic Exchange, packed with unique features and tools.

It is one of the most active, popular and fast growing manual traffic exchanges.

It’s also it’s voted best traffic exchanges by members in several different rating lists.

This help page is designed to help you use the features of Hungry For Hits,

with information and easy step by step instructions.

Every feature, game and function of Hungry For Hits will be covered in articles on this page,

so it is a good idea to check here if you are unsure about anything.

In addition there will always-fresh links for all your favorite content available at click here.

This helps users quickly find updates regarding latest changes or additions made as well!

What is a traffic exchange?

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Are you hungry for website hits? Use hungry for hits!  Freedom bye being your own boss!Photo by Junior Teixeira on

It’s a site where people trade traffic with each other.

It works in a very simple way:

For each time you view ads from another member, other members will also view yours.

You simply exchange watching ads with people from all around the world.

You can add your site, blog, ad or business opportunity and get free traffic by real people, who just like you want more traffic.

Free members who are viewing ads to earn credits are required to stay a amount seconds on each page,

before they can move on to the next one.

That is also how long your site, ad or blog will be seen by each person.

Upgraded members have a shorter timer and will earn more site credits. 

If I watch an ad then please do not let me leave because it would mean wasting my valuable work!

All content goes here.

If you find any problem/questions about anything above we've got our contact information below so that we can help out as best possible.

Why do people use traffic exchanges?

Are you hungry for website hits? Use hungry for hits!  Freedom bye being your own boss!Photo by Designecologist on

Many people join Traffic Exchanges to advertise or sell different products with their affiliate links,

but there are also a lot of people who join and surf ads to get views to their blogs,

to spark an interest in their social media profiles, or simply to share an idea or brand.

Others join for the social branding, or if they simply need more traffic to climb top lists.

The reason why many users leave these sites is that it's not all about them being good on specific topics

– most affiliates want attention from potential customers which can be divided into four categories: business related (social networking) content marketing engagement advertising influencers audience discovery search engine

optimization For any site run on WordPress you'll see several forms businesses post/submit posts where someone asks how much money was paid recently by another blogger…

the very same type as what companies such like Buzzfeed have been doing since 2001!

Of course while marketers may find this extremely interesting then doesn't mean everyone does too - sometimes new leads aren't seeing anything out-of line..

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Will my site be seen by real people?

Yes, absolutely.

Hungry For Hits has several security checks and features to make sure that only real people view the ads that are in rotation.

This is a manual traffic exchange, and there is no auto surfing on this site.

Each member must actively click a picture to move to the next ad.

Members from all countries and websites in all languages are welcome.

Some members have reported they were redirected randomly for sites containing content unrelated or otherwise unsuitable.

We try very hard at times not redirect these innocent visitors directly back into our website (e-commerce/coupons pages), but it's rare sometimes we can't find their eBooks anywhere else so don't bet against them!  

If you would like more information about AdSense I recommend checking out: click here Please read above when using any of our products as some will need certain forms of authentication before your account gets approved.

Also please see below if you're concerned regarding privacy settings during campaign use.

Why should I choose Hungry For Hits?

It’s all really simple.

Since there are real people actively watching every ad, some traffic sites don’t generate a whole lot of views.

However, Hungry For Hits is one of the most active and most used traffic exchange sites in the entire industry.

You can easily get several hundred people, even thousands of views, to your websites every single day.

On any given day and time, there will be anywhere between 20 and 100 people actively watching ads in Hungry For Hits, so you can be sure that someone will see what you have to offer.

You can limit the amount of hits per hour you want to your sites so you will never waste credits, and we have security features to ensure no one is surfing with a minimized window.

Our algorithm makes it easy for advertisers to understand if their advertising copy doesn't fit into certain niche areas like children's clothing, but not everyone uses these specific keywords or use custom formats (such as mobile app), which require more analysis than others would consider appropriate.

We do this by reviewing hundreds – dozens– other campaigns on our platform including those from many large companies such QVC, Fox Business Network & Discovery Channel.

Because they've chosen Hungry Games over competitors using similar tactics, each campaign gets 3 points deducted before being displayed based upon its average CPC level ($50k+). At $30 million worth ‒ well above market value - H2

What else does Hungry For Hits offer?

Are you hungry for website hits? Use hungry for hits!  Freedom bye being your own boss!Photo by cottonbro on

Hungry For Hits also offer banner (size 468×60 or 125×125) and text ad advertising.

We have a very popluar affiliate program, where you will earn both credits and commissions from your referrals when they surf or purchase an upgrade.

There are several very useful tools for promoting your ads, such as advanced tracking in a very simple package and URL rotators.

We also have a page creator where you can create a branding page, an advertising page,or whatever you want.

There is a top 10 programs tool if you wish to advertise several sites, and there is a big downline builder.

We also have a sitewide social network and you can have your own Hungry For Hits blog with an RSS feed. We even host it for you, for free.

One of the most popular features is the chat, where members from all over the world socialize, trade ideas, build their brand and even make friends.

You know how people like random things about each other while sitting around talking on mobile phones

– that's awesome!

And no more waiting 50% off before deciding which one should be featured here because everyone has been paying attention lately??

This kind at least means we don't need to spam them constantly anymore 🙂.

Oh wait… It would rather do this by hand anyway :). Or something 😉 -Vlad

Fun and games in Hungry For Hits

There is a different event going on each day of the week at Hungry For Hits. For example, one day of the week the surf timers are shorter.

Another day, you get a free double credit ratio for an hour. Another day we have extra prizes or increased prizes, and so on. Apart from this, you will find some different games and prize pages while surfing.

These prize pages will give you bonus advertising, and offer some fun and perhaps a little bit of competition.

Finally, Hungry For Hits participates as a Premium Partner in the Food Game.

We are also part of the Viral Traffic Games and the Commando Surf network through TE Command Post.

It's great to be contributing stuff like these that helps grow your company more quickly.

If you are seeking for traffic exchange we strongly recommend hungry for hits !

Plus 20 k members,Free to use , and get free 1000 website impressions,1000 banner impressions and 1000 text ads impression for free click here ! Nothing to lose just try and see!

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